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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

We are a wholesale company only. If you are a private customer, we would be happy to direct you to one of our local vendors.

In order to view prices, you must be an existing customer and a registered user of ART Judaica Israel. Once you log in with your email and password, you will see the specified price for each item. To obtain a password go to the 'registration' section of our website and register by filling out the form for New Users.

If you already are a customer and are on our mailing list (We have your email address) you have received an initial password.
If you never submitted your email address you aren't on the mailing list and need to submit a request for an initial password, after which you will promptly receive an email with an initial password.

Yes you can, if you are an existing customer, please be sure to remember your password to prevent unnecessary delays. You will be emailed a copy of your order as soon as it is processed.

If you buy Judaica products in bulk, we’d be glad to set up a meeting with one of our sales representatives, who will also show you actual samples of the products. (In the U.S. and Europe - it is possible to coordinate a meeting; for other countries - please check with us whether we can come to your country.)
If you are visiting Israel, you are welcome to visit our beautiful showroom and see all our items first hand.

No! Prices are the same regardless of where or how you decide to make your purchase. You are welcome to come and visit our showroom, purchase online or meet with one of our sales agents.

Every vendor is assigned an ART sales associate depending on where he or she resides worldwide to enable the prompt delivery of all our newest products right to your door step, and to help ensure you order just the right variety and quantity for your store’s needs.

Absolutely! We encourage you to make an appointment and come see our entire collection for yourself. You will also get to hear the stories behind our products and share in our enthusiasm and dedication to creating authentic, unique and beautifuly crafted Judaica products that make a great addition to any Jewish home and family.

We are the source of all our products. All our products are designed in Israel by our best designers. We are dedicated to bring you the best products for the lowest prices possible.

We are the source of all our products. All our products designed in Israel with our best designers. We work day and night to bring you the best products in the lowest prices as we can.

The items are kept in the shopping cart for 30 days, after which the shopping cart will be emptied and the order will be deleted.
However, we recommend closing the shopping cart once a week even if you have not completed your order, as some items may run out of stock.

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